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Yedidim is an organization that brings together volunteers and professionals to address problems and needs in the South Florida Jewish community. Yedidim’s mission is to help community members mitigate hardships they are facing, assist them in finding solutions to their problems and connect them with service providers for ongoing support when necessary.


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Meet Yedidim USA

Eran (Ronnie) Hazan

Founding Father, CEO, CFO

Rabbi Ariel Edry

Spiritual Advisor

Shalom Maimon

IT Manager

Yossi Zion

Public Relations & Marketing

Yoni Maimon

Logistics & Field Manager

Sivan Revivo

Web Development & Designer

Sahar Aviani

Regional Manager

Smadar Vaknin

Accounting, Administrator.

Magi Hazan

Event Coordinator

What WE dO

Yedidim USA is here to help community members through times of crisis, in the same way a family member would come to your aid in a time of need. If you don’t have a support system and find yourself in a hospital, or stuck on the highway with no gas, had a pipe burst in your home, need to get medicine to a loved one far away, or are hungry – reach out to us and we will find a way to help you directly or via one of the service providers and volunteers with whom we work. Yedidim has access to a wide range of service providers, people in key positions in a variety of fields, counselors and just all-around good people who are willing to help someone in a time of need.


Yedidim was founded by Eran Hazan in 2019. Eran heard of an elderly man, with no local family members, who had suffered a serious allergic reaction that left him unconscious. Eran couldn’t bear the thought of this man, who was so close in age to his own grandmother, waking up alone in a cold, sterile hospital room. So Eran reached out to the local community via social media and arranged to have volunteers stay by this man’s bedside continuously – day and night. After 3 days, the man regained consciousness, and by this time his children had arrived from Israel and were able to care for him. The man and his children were grateful and overwhelmed by the compassion and support they received from members of the community during this challenging ordeal.

About Eran Hazan:
Eran relocated to the U.S from Hadera, Israel in 2003. He lives in Plantation, FL with his wife and two children. He is the President of Americabinets Express Inc., a direct distributor of kitchen and closet lines serving builders, contractors, developers, designers and homeowners. Eran has always believed in the importance of helping others. Growing up, his family struggled financially and resources were limited, but he always found a way to help not only his family, but others in need as well. He is appreciative of the charity he received as a young child and sees Yedidim as a vehicle to pay it forward.

Since then, Eran, with the help of other volunteers, has organized many similar initiatives. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the needs of many in the community and as a result, some of Yedidim’s recent charitable actions include:

• Distributing masks and gloves
• Shopping and delivering groceries and medications
• Preparing and delivering hot meals
• Helping families relocate
• Helping source furniture for those in need
• Helping source clothing and personal items
• Driving elderly and sick people to medical appointments
• Raising funds to help with funeral arrangements
• Sourcing computer equipment for children so they can participate in online education
• Arranging for handymen/technicians to perform work for those in need
• Arranging for roadside assistance
As a result of the above efforts, Yedidim’s exposure has grown significantly, and with it the number of calls for help. The organization now has over 800 volunteers who stay in touch via a very active Facebook page, a Whatsapp group and a Telegram group.

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"Helping people feels so good, Its addicting.
Once you start helping people and see the results you can't stop"
Eran Hazan
Founder & CEO


Yedidim USA