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Embracing Community: Yedidim Weekly Feast of Giving

Yedidim organization hosts a heartwarming event every Thursday, providing pre-approved families in need with essential food items for a Shabbat meal.

Thursday has become synonymous with heartwarming event for many families. Every Thursady, the doors of Yedidim organization are open, revealing a haven of generosity. Families in need which are pre-approved by the organization are welcomed to get a free meat and poultry, fish, challah, and other essential food items that form the cornerstone of a Shabbat meal.


Beyond the tangible sustenance, this weekly gathering fosters a sense of belonging and support. Yedidim volunteers work tirelessly to create an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance, ensuring that every visitor feels like a part of a larger family. It goes beyond providing food. It’s about the understanding that, in this community, no one stands alone.

The heartbeat of this initiative is Yedidim dedicated volunteers who pour their energy and compassion into making each Thursday a success. From organizing food packages to ensuring a welcoming environment, these heroes embody the true essence of community service. Their commitment resonates in every smile and handshake shared with those who come seeking assistance.

In every bag of groceries distributed and in every smile exchanged, the Thursday gathering stands as a living testament to the extraordinary power of Yedidim organization. It’s not just about the food on the table. It’s about the love and understanding that come with it.



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