Our Story


In 2019, Yedidim was established by Eran Hazan. The inspiration for this organization came when Eran learned of an elderly man who had suffered a severe allergic reaction and was left unconscious without any family members nearby. The thought of the man waking up alone in a sterile hospital room was unbearable to Eran, as he was reminded of his grandmother. To address this situation, Eran utilized social media to reach out to the local community and arrange for volunteers to provide continuous bedside support to the man – day and night. 

After three days, the man regained consciousness and was eventually able to receive care from his children who had arrived from Israel. The man and his family expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the compassion and support they received from the community during this challenging time. This event inspired the creation of Yedidim, an organization committed to providing a support system for those who need it most. 

About Eran Hazan 

Eran Hazan is a resident of Plantation, FL, having relocated to the United States from Hadera, Israel in 2003. He is the President of Americabinets Express Inc. a direct distributor of kitchen and closet lines that caters to builders, contractors, developers, designers, and homeowners. Eran has always been an advocate for helping others, as he believes it is of paramount importance. Despite growing up in a financially challenged household where resources were limited, Eran was always able to find ways to assist not only his own family but also others in need. He recognizes the charitable support he received as a child and perceives Yedidim as a way to give back to the community. 

Eran personally visited the site of the Champlain Towers collapse and provided 55,000 hot meals to the families of the victims, as well as to the police, IDF, volunteers, and other government and private agencies. Along with other volunteers, Eran also provided hospitality services, furniture, and assistance with relocating the affected families. 

One of the victims of the collapse suffered a complete loss of their possessions and required assistance in acquiring a car and insurance. These needs were fulfilled by the Yedidim organization. 

Eran and his son Noah were honored by Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis for their exceptional support during the disaster. Noah, who is 11 years old, worked tirelessly during the Champlain Towers collapse, delivering hot meals to families anxiously waiting for news of their loved ones. In recognition of his heroic actions, Noah was presented with a commemorative coin by First Lady Jill Casey DeSantis. 

Hurricane Ian devastated the west coast, prompting Eran and a team of volunteers from Yedidim organization to travel to Fort Myers and assist the affected communities. Their efforts included the distribution of hot meals, dry goods, clothing, generators, propane, gas, water, and shelter, as well as assistance with furniture, cleaning houses and mold remediation, and covering broken windows and damaged houses. Yedidim’s intensive work was recognized and covered by various media outlets including Hadashot 13, Hadashot 12, Crownheights.info, and Chabad.org. The First Lady of Florida also visited to assist the communities, and Hatzalah, rabbis, and Community members from surrounding towns came to help and offer support. 

Since then, with the assistance of other volunteers, Eran has successfully coordinated numerous comparable initiatives. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the requirements of the community, and as a result, Yedidim has undertaken a variety of charitable endeavors,

some of which include: 

  • Shopping for and delivering groceries and medications
  • Preparation and delivery of hot meals
  • Sourcing of furniture for individuals in need
  • Sourcing of clothing and personal items for individuals in need 
  • Driving elderly and ill individuals to medical appointments
  • Sourcing computer equipment for children to participate in online education
  • Arranging for roadside assistance as required

Due to the aforementioned efforts, 

 Yedidim has experienced a substantial increase in visibility, which has subsequently led to a surge in the number of help requests. Presently, the organization boasts a volunteer base of over 800 individuals who remain connected through various channels including a highly active Facebook page, a Whatsapp group, and a Telegram group. 

Eran Hazan 

“Helping People is a fulfilling experience that becomes habit-forming. Once you begin to aid others and witness the positive outcomes, it becomes difficult to discontinue.”