Disaster Response Force

Disaster Response Force

Yedidim USA is a highly regarded emergency organization with a strong commitment to providing essential aid and support to individuals and communities in times of crisis, emergency, and disaster. With a focus on responsiveness and efficiency, Yedidim USA has established a reputation for its ability to provide critical assistance during difficult times, offering services such as food and shelter, medical care, and assistance with rebuilding and recovery efforts. Through its dedicated and skilled team of volunteers, Yedidim USA works tirelessly to help those in need, providing much-needed support and assistance to individuals and communities facing challenging circumstances. Overall, Yedidim USA plays a critical role in ensuring that individuals and communities have access to the resources they need to recover and rebuild following natural disasters, emergencies, and other crises.

With Israeli consul general Maor Starinsky Elbaz & Sigal Starinsky Elbaz his wife

Support in the Face of Disaster

Yedidim’s well-coordinated response to disasters includes vital resources like a satellite antenna for connectivity and open-field kitchen. Yedidim provides essentials like gas, propane, and diesel to power critical infrastructure.

In the face of disaster Yedidim organization doesn’t merely stand by. We spring into action with a well-coordinated response that transforms chaos into support.

At the heart of our emergency response is a satellite antenna that becomes the beacon of connectivity in times of isolation. But our commitment goes beyond virtual connections. We set up an open-field kitchen with a vast dining room under the open sky.

Gas, propane, and diesel become the heartbeat of our response. Generators hum to life, powering critical infrastructure and ensuring that no corner of our community is left in the dark. Bottled water, canned goods, fresh fruits, and vegetables fill our stockpiles, a testament to the foresight of our preparedness

The most remarkable aspect of Yedidim is the mobilization of manpower. Our community doesn’t just watch; it actively engages. Neighbors help neighbors, and strangers become friends in the shared pursuit of rebuilding.


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