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Yedidim's Tool Lending Project

Yedidim organization revolutionizes communal support with its tool lending project, offering individuals free access to a variety of tools for home use.

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Yedidim organization brings a communal support to a new level with innovative project: lending work tools free of charge. As long as the tools are intended for home use, individuals can borrow them without any financial burden. In an era where DIY projects and home improvements, this initiative is a game-changer for community members.

Need a drill for a weekend project or a saw for that woodworking idea you’ve been contemplating? Yedidim has you covered. By eliminating the financial barrier associated with tool acquisition, the organization is empowering individuals to explore their creative and handy sides.

The lending system is simple and efficient. Community members can easily request the tools they need, and Yedidim volunteers facilitate the borrowing process.


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