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Hospital Support

Yedidim USA is dedicated to providing vital assistance to families who are arriving in the USA for medical treatment. We understand the challenges and stress that families face when seeking medical care in a foreign country, and our mission is to alleviate their burdens. Through our comprehensive support system, we offer a range of services including transportation arrangements, housing assistance, language interpretation, and providing Kosher groceries throughout their medical journey. Our compassionate team is committed to ensuring that families feel welcomed, and supported during this critical time. By partnering with Yedidim USA, you are helping us provide a lifeline to these families, enabling them to focus on their medical needs and find comfort in a new and unfamiliar environment. Together, we can make a profound difference in their lives and bring hope to those in need.


Yedidim is an organization that brings together volunteers and professionals to address problems and needs in the South Florida Jewish community. Yedidim’s mission is to help community members mitigate hardships they are facing, assist them in finding solutions to their problems and connect them with service providers for ongoing support when necessary.


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